The Ratio Skysurfer – not your typical flieger

My relationship with flieger watches has been a peculiar one through the years – on one side, I love the no-nonsense simplistic design and historical importance, but on the other – I can’t escape the feeling that they all look too much alike. The sterile dial is more faithful to the original, but it makes the different brands and price points even harder to distinguish from each other.

And then, there’s the size issue. How do you make a watch as fateful as possible to the original, when the original was 55mm in diameter? What is to be considered as too big, too small or just right for everyday wear? The truth is, making a good flieger watch is more difficult than it looks.

The answer to my dilemma and my questions might be the newest release from Ratio – the Skysurfer. Continue reading “The Ratio Skysurfer – not your typical flieger”

Homage Watches: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There isn’t a watch enthusiast in the world who’s not familiar with the term homage watch and homages are one of the most polarizing and divisive topics in an otherwise very well-intentioned, supportive and friendly hobby. Some people swear by them (there’s even some with collections comprised solely of homage watches), while others consider the mere mention of the H-word as a horological blasphemy. But why is that?

In my opinion, one of the main issues is the very broad definition of the word homage and the different meanings people attribute to it. So, what exactly does homage watch means? Continue reading “Homage Watches: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”