Clam Cases™ – Review of a single luxury watch travel case

If your watch is a real treasure for you, treat it like a pearl and keep it in a clam. I mean in a Clam Case. This is a review of a single watch travel case based on my experiences.

The company launched in 2020, but the whole story started in 2016, when the founder noticed that there is no perfect case for his Rolex Submariner. According to him, there were two options; cheap and flimsy or expensive and bulky travel cases.

What else could he do, than create one that suits all the requirements like security, style and affordability. Spoiler alert, he did it! Clam Cases Co is still a small, independent, family run business that provides the community of watch collectors an affordable solution to travel with their watches safely.

Keep you watch safe while traveling (photo: @watchopsia)

I experienced the kindness and helpfulness of Harvey, and they also encourage all of you to avoid being shy and contact them on Facebook or Instagram.

That was enough of the background story, let’s see the product. It came in a simple recyclable plastic packaging. No fancy box or useless waste, just the case and a microfiber cloth.

I saw several photos and videos of the case but it surprised me. It is way tougher than I thought. I mean it’s rock hard, but still light. It only weights about 100g. The external fabric is a knitted and resistant.

The 'tail' side of the case (photo: @watchopsia)
The ‘tail’ side of the case (photo: @watchopsia)

The whole case looks like a clam. The wider side is for the watch case, while the thinner part can contain the strap or the bracelet. With this type of case you can store any kind of watches (up to 50mm) even which has a jellyfish shape from the side. You can’t do it in a watch pouch.

The 'head' side of the case (photo: @watchopsia)
The ‘head’ side of the case (photo: @watchopsia)

The diameter of the case is 10cm and its maximum height is 6cm. There are colors like Jet Black, Racing Green, Sunburst Blue, Steel Grey or limited Bullion Gold, Rosso Red, Clockwork Orange, Deep Sea Blue, Viper Yellow and Tiffany Blue.

So many color options!
So many color options! (Source:

You can’t ask for a better place for your watch – except your wrist – than the interior of a Clam case. It is covered with a soft, non-scratch fleece and includes two more high-density foam inserts for full protection.

It provides security inside and outside, too. The two sides of the clam are connected with a secure zip closure. It’s also well-made like the whole case.

Double protection for the watch (photo: @watchopsia)
Double protection for the watch (photo: @watchopsia)

I’ve been using my Jet Black Clam Case for about three weeks and I’m totally satisfied with it. It looks great and protects my watch while I’m traveling. Thank you, Clam Cases team!

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