How to travel with your watches?

After the winter holidays, the summer is coming faster than we thought, that’s why this is the time we talk about traveling. I mean traveling with watches. Here are some tips, tricks and recommendations you may apply.

  1. Minimize the collection

You might think this is a useless advice, but we can easily fall into the mistake and bring too much watches and forget to enjoy the moment because of worrying.

Clam case and the SKX (photo: @watchopsia)

I know, in an ideal world, a watch collector should bring all of their watches on a journey. However, the size of the collection is just one factor, but there are other risks during traveling you should consider.

My collection (photo: @watchopsia)
  1. Use your clothes

Always use a reliable case for your watches, if they are not beaters like G-Shocks. You can give extra protection if you surround the cases or pouches with your clothes, towels. But do not put them into your big luggage, bring them in your backpack if it’s possible.

  1. Bring straps

Maybe you can’t bring more watches for understandable reasons, however you should  throw some straps into your bag. They do not need a lot of space and  if you want to spice up your wrist game you can always change the straps. This quick change system may be the best solution, but a spring bar tool is also does the job.

Ready for flight (photo: @watchopsia)
  1. Don’t forget about magnetism

You can’t avoid magnetism if you travel by airplane. The security systems use magnetic gates, metal detectors and scanners which has effect on your watches.

Demagnetizer (photo: @watchopsia)

Putting your watch into that plate when checking in can also be harmful, but you can avoid it if you wrap the watch into a cloth or handkerchief. However, a way better solution is to put it into a safe case.

After the tips, I share some of my personal preferences. I normally bring 2 watches with me, rarely 4 or 5 depends on the length of the trip. According to my experiences, the two watch collection is the ideal size I can travel without worrying too much.

Usually the more expensive or the mechanical one is on my wrist and the other one is in a holder in the bag. The secondary watch can be a beater, and you can neither need a case.

Keep you watch safe while traveling (photo: @watchopsia)

But if you use a case, you should choose a though one which protects your “treasure” well. I highly recommend the ClamTM cases, and by using them you can easily forget about worrying. Review and test is coming soon about these cases.

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