Norsk watch, the ultimate beater watch!

Did you hear of the Norsk watch or I can say the Norsk Sea Monster?

It looks like the Seiko Sea Monster, but its story is way more interesting than a simple homage watch’s one.

Brian Undlin from the United States just wanted to surprise the Norwegian Olympic medalists with a gift watch for their great effort. He ordered a total 500(!) pieces from a watchmanufacturer.

He and the Norwegian Olympic Authority gave the watches to the Olympic medalists, and Brian sold the rest of them.

There are three different colors for the three different medals. Black, orange and blue


Inside of the watch you can find a Citizen quartz movement. It works really accurate.

There is a point where the bezel is a bit loose, but it rotates quite well.

It has a nice working screw down crown, like a normal dive watch.

The dial looks great, personally I like this blue color. It also shows the day and the date, and has luminescent hands and hour markers.

I think the watch’s water resistance is 50 m but I am not sure.

The rubber strap looks like the usual diver watch rubber strap, it is really smooth and comfortable.

I chatted with Brian a few months ago, he also told me this great story and said if I want to buy one I should hurry, because only a few watches are left.

At the beginning the price was quite low, but later it went up a bit (around 75$). I think the only place the seller sold them was Ebay. At the moment there is no watch available.

Although you won’t get such a quality watch like the original Seiko Monster for this price, but you get a good looking dive watch which is limited, because there are only 500 of them. (That’s really cool.)

I could kindly say the Norsk watch is an absolute beater watch, perfect for everyday use, especially for the low price!

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