A must have watch in your collection? Absolutely a G-Shock Classic!

The watch was born in 1983, the developer Mr. Ibe’s dream was “creating a watch that never breaks”.

It is the ultimate beater watch! Although it is a low budget watch , its toughness is invaluable.

I have the G-Shock DW5600HR-1ER model, it looks like the classic, but it has a negative/inverse display. The whole watch is black, but the inner side of the strap is red.

It is available in a lot of other colors.

Great for every kind of use, every kind of work! I could say it is the best watch for physical work.

Perfect for a paramedic (self-experience) , the watch can withstand the frost, mud, disinfectant and also blood. But it also great for swimming, football playing or other sports a well.

It also looks good with an elegant style. But you might look like you came from the 80’s.

I really like the “square” design, more than the other G-Shocks designs. It is really unique.

The watch has all the basic and needed functions. Shows the world time, the day and the date, has a stopwatch, a timer, a nice backlight, and alarm function as well. You can set 5 different alarms!

I think the best features are the shock resistant case and the 200(!) m water resistance.

There are now solar powered models available which is really cool, and models with bluetooth connection. These functions from a simple and low budget watch is really amazing.

You could buy one for around a 100 dollars. With more functions it is more expensive, but it absolutely worth the price!

It has earned the Guinness World Records title for the “Heaviest vehicle to drive over a watch”.

Yeah, that’s crazy! The G-SHOCK model survives a 25 Ton Truck!

This watch has to be in every watch collection!

“The G-SHOCK DW-5600 has become synonymous with the idea of absolute toughness.”

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