My grandfather’s Doxa.

I didn’t know him, he died when my mother was a teenager. But I know, he was a true gentleman. He always wore suits and nice leather shoes. Few years ago I found his old Doxa wristwatch. It is from 1951!

It was in a really bad condition when I found it. The watch was in the bottom of an old drawer. The dial got some water, because it had no crystal. No strap, no second hand either.

Although its bad condition it was love at first sight. I brought the watch to a watchmaker and he repaired everything he could. Except the dial. But I am not sad because of this anymore. When I look at the watch it always remembers me the beginning of this journey, how I found it, my grandfather’s heritage and how time flies.

When I wear it, I always feel like he is with me, a piece of him. I hope he wanted it to be mine.

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