Interview with The Watch Brothers!

Who are you, where do you come from?

Hello! We are Tommaso and Filippo and we live in Italy, in a small town near Venice.

Tell me about yourselves, about your private life!

I’m 28 (Tom) and my bro is 24. I own a barbershop, which was opened by my family in 1871! Filippo works in a company where they produce and trade fish. We are both engaged and happy!

When did watches first become important to you?

Watches have been part of our lives since Filippo gave me my first automatic watch two years ago which made me passionate about the watch world. Before that, I used to tease him about spending too much money on his watches (and now I spend more than him, strange life huh?).

Why and when did you start collecting watches?

This is an interesting story … Filippo was invited to the Venice Film Festival two years ago to present a film in which he had starred. For this occasion (and for the red carpet) he wanted to give his first watch and it all started from there.

What was your first watch?

Filippo’s first watch was a Tissot Visodate while mine was an Orient Howard.

What is the most important watch or watches in your collection and why?

In our collection, all the watches are linked to stories that unite us, but I think the most important is the Zenith Defy. Indeed …. the two Zenith defy! Yes, we have two. One NOS and the other one is currently at our watchmaker for repair. Because we bought this watch with a lot of other useless watches to throw away from a seller who was not aware of the watch’s value.

Share with us what drives your interest in watches. Is it the movements? Design? Brand?

I can say that the story of a watch drives both of us first. We love vintage watches and the stories behind them. In the new watches, we love the aesthetics and their movements.

How do you choose which watch to wear? Do you rotate your watches?

We wear a different watch every day. Mostly we try to match our watches to our outfits. Although we like to try risky combinations as well.

What is your dream watch?

We both love the Omega Speedmaster. We have a passion for watches that were outer space! Having the Bulova Lunar Pilot in our collection we just have to get the Speedy!

How would you advise someone thinking about starting a watch collection to begin? What are your top tips for starting a watch collection?

For those who would like to approach this world, we recommend not to be in a hurry! Examine each watch before buying it, the history of the brand, and how it is built. Especially for vintage pieces, be very careful! Examine every detail from the dial to the crown, everything must be contemporary and original! Do not listen to others, follow your taste! The watch must please you and not the others!

Would you like to mention anything else?

Yes! We made a single on Spotify! You can listen to the song here! Thank you for this wonderful interview!  We are proud to be a part of the #watchfam, a community full of great people and always available to help you!

Check out their instagram as well!

Thank you for the amazing interview Tomasso and Filippo!

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