Marvin, The Heritage

Yes, you guessed right! It is another watch from my grandfather!

This Marvin was my first vintage watch ever!

I was so excited when I found it! It was a beautiful summer afternoon at my grandmother’s house. I was just searching for some gadget on the shelf when the watch came across. I suddenly froze for a moment. This moment was the beginning of my vintage watch mania.

This Marvin was my grandfather’s last watch. The last he wore and the one which led him on his last journey. That’s why this watch has a special place in my heart!

The watch is from the 60’s. The narrow 16mm strap and the 34 width of the watch are as delicate and refined as my grandfather was. Pure elegance.

I think the Marvin watches should have more respect today.

The watch has a 17 jewelled Marvin 620A hand winding movement. It works as good as a new one. Really accurate.

It has gilded/gold-plated hand and hour markers. With the bright-silverish dial, it looks so elegant. Although the crystal has some scratches, but that’s repairable quite easy.

The crown is marked, you can see the nice Marvin logo on it.

As I know the watch was never been repaired, everything is original, which is rare. 

You can find nice vintage Marvins on the internet for different prices, a lot with a low-price tag sadly. Maybe because it is not a popular watch brand like Omega or Rolex, but they definitely deserve more respect!

I highly recommend completing your watch collection with a Marvin. It’s a unique, aboriginal old Swiss brand and definitely makes you proud and happy!

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