Did you hear about The Sacred Crafts Watches?

If you didn’t , then I recommend this for you!

It is a really interesting new watch brand. Their first watch collection wears the “La Grande Mer” name, which means  “The Great Sea”.

They say: “The brand concept came together one day in Bangkok over spicy salad and cold beers with old friends.” How all good ideas usually born, right?!

“Culture, Reclaimed”

They are also trying to solve a huge problem of nowadays, that we are drowning in trash.

They use some materials that were useful one day, but lost their original purpose. So they give them back the glory and a new purpose for shining.
“The product is already there, it’s just waiting to be let out”.
A beautiful cycle of the materials in our planet!

The materials they are using to build the watches are from abandoned wood boats, scattered fishing nets, and decommissioned bronze propellers from Thailand.

The four friends created the “magic” and combined these materials with some 316L Stainless Steel parts and with a Swiss Automatic movement.

The watches were “designed in California, groomed on tropical coastlines and refined in Switzerland”.

They are offering 4 kind of watches, the “La Grande Mer”, the “Hua Hin”, the “Dark Seas” and the “Kudmai.
All four watches contain some of the materials they found in Thailand.

Only a limited 500 pieces were made and all watches are individually numbered.
They ship the watches with extra bands, with a gift box and with limited edition accessories.

If you are interested in (I hope you are) then check out the watches here!

After watching their promo videos I bet you will fall in love with these beautiful watches!

They are giving you a huge discount now and with the “TSC25” code you can get an extra -25% discount!

Personally I already fell in love with these amazing watches!

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