G-Shock during Covid-19

I wrote about my G-Shock before, but I just wanted to tell my experiences of the watch during the pandemic.

I am 100% sure that the G-Shock watches are the best watches for a hospital work, or any kind of work in the healthcare.

During the Covid-19 I am meeting a lot of ill people. During the examination I am wearing gloves for sure, and it is an option to pull the gloves on the watch. In this case the watch losts its function, I can’t see the time. But then I remember I have a G-Shock!

As I mentioned before this watch can withstand the disinfectant, blood and everything you could meet at the hostpital!

You just have to wash the watch after every patient with some disinfectant and with a lot of soap.

I absolutley love the toughness of the watch. I do not have to worry about it, it is almost indestructible!

If you are working in the healthcare care, I recommend you the G-Shock watches!

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