Vintage Omega X Exams

I’ve just finished my exam period, it was pretty hard (as always) and in some point I thought it will never end. It was so long and exhausting.

To regain some power during the exam period I read some magazines about watches. It was relaxing after a hard exam.

During my last exam I was wearing a vintage Omega cal. 278 from 1961!

It brought me good luck, I got the best mark, and it was a great exam.

If a watch brought me luck once I would wear the same one during all my exams. But I changed it before my last exam.

I don’t know why, I just felt it deeply inside, in my heart.

Yeah, it’s kinda important for me what wristwatch I’m wearing during an exam. It also depends on my outfit and also on my mood. Usually I choose between 4 or 5 watches.

Before the exam, during the last minutes I always watch how the minute and second hands are ticking. Not because of the actual time, but because it makes me calm and brings peace to my worried universe.

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