MW Timepieces -A Guitar Inspired Dive Watch – Interview 

 MW Timepieces – Interview 

Please tell me a little about yourselves. Where do you come from, where do you live, what are you doing a single day, your hobbies?

My name is Adrian, I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently I am running my own business as a microbrand retailer for Indonesian market, running my own Youtube channel, importing business and currently running my design studio including building my own watch brand which is MW Timepieces.

I am just a regular guy, running all business in my small startup office. And out of all the business, I am a watch and guitar enthusiast. Used to be in a band, but now decided to keep it as my hobby apart from my business activity.

When did the idea for your own watch brand come up? What was the trigger?!

My interest of microbrands started in 2017, I started to get to know more from international market, I did my own research, how the industry grows, how the crowdfunding works etc., because here in Indonesia, microbrand industry was not that popular yet. The more I knew, the more interest I had on creating my own brand. However, I was thinking to make something fresh in a quite saturated market globally.

The trigger was actually in 2018 on my guitar jam session at my studio. I thought it’s going to be fresh if I combine my two hobbies into one, if I create a premium watch inspired by guitar elements. So I started to do some research just in case my idea is taken already, and I found nothing. Then I gave myself a green light for this.

Tell me some specifications about the watch! 

Since I love wristwatches so much, my goal is to create and build a watch with high quality and great specifications. Here are the technical specifications


How was the name and the logo created and what exactly does it mean?

I am partnering with my friend who is in 3D design area since 2020. He is not a watch designer, but more into general designing, he works in a company called Maestro Works Studio. We both love watches, and we agree to make a brand representing our small design studio. That is why the brand name is MW Timepieces. 

About the logo, I love the yin-yang balance concept. So I thought my logo must have a design balance. No matter  you turn the logo up or down, it will always be the same. This idea means that MW Timepieces will always try to balance everything on what we have created. We don’t want to create something over. The inspiration of the watch must be just it needs to be, not too much, the dial must be perfectly balanced, as you can see on my first watch design.

How did you come up with this design?

I thought it’s going to be fresh if I combine my two hobbies into one, if I create a premium watch inspired by guitar elements. So, I started to do some research just in case if my idea is taken already, but I found nothing.  Then, I started to draw some design and work it out with my team on my design studio.

Are you making the watches or you hired a professional watchmaker?

Yes, for sure. I worked with 4 different watch factories mastering in watch making in China with proper manufacturing facility. And at the end, we work with assembling company to do a proper assembling and testing the watch, as well as quality control.

Are you planning to make other types of watches as well or only dive watches?

Yes, my second model will be a pilot watch, I guarantee that it will be a very interesting concept. This plan is for next year.

What do I or my readers have to do to get a watch from you as soon as possible?

Right now, we actually do a pre-sale in our website for limited numbers until our Kickstarter campaign, which starts on April 5, 2022. 

The “Super Early Bird” price is 489$, and the retail price will be 659$!

And what do you want for the future?

My ultimate goal is to be part of the main player in the microbrand industry globally, and become the first go international Indonesian brand with a proper quality of every watch I created.

Thank you for your interview! I hope the Kickstarter campaign will be successful!

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