Ratio Freediver X – the microbrand diver with an X-factor

The Singapore-based microbrand Ratio have just recently dropped their newest dive watch, the Freediver X, without much fanfare, as they tend to do. And while Ratio as a brand are not heavy on marketing and hence – not as well-known in the community – precisely because of this, they’ve been able to spend more money on building quality products and offer them at a very competitive price. In fact, from the moment I learned about the brand a few years back, they’ve managed to release new watches at a steady pace, with increasingly more interesting and original designs.

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MW Timepieces -A Guitar Inspired Dive Watch – Interview 

 MW Timepieces – Interview 

Please tell me a little about yourselves. Where do you come from, where do you live, what are you doing a single day, your hobbies?

My name is Adrian, I am from Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently I am running my own business as a microbrand retailer for Indonesian market, running my own Youtube channel, importing business and currently running my design studio including building my own watch brand which is MW Timepieces. Continue reading “MW Timepieces -A Guitar Inspired Dive Watch – Interview “