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Flea market treasures

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Dear watchfam, have you ever been on a flea market? If you haven’t I will try to describe it. Let’s imagine you are surrounded by vintage cameras, vinyls, paintings, other authentic stuff and to be honest there are many things I do not know how to call but looks cool. Once I saw a suit of armour. It’s cool, isn’t it?

I was on a flea market and there was a table full of watches, all for about 3 bucks. Most of them were poorly made but I dive into that mass and found a cool gold plated Citizen Quartz. It was ticking, change date perfectly. I was so satisfied and walked away but my former girlfriend noticed a bit dusty, but good looking vintage timepiece. It was a swiss made Bourbon watch. I have never heard about that brand before. I will do the research and write about it later. I forget to mention is was about 5 bucks. To sum it up, I bought 2 vintage watches less than a price of an F91W. That’s how a good flea market story should end.