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A brief story of my Poljot alarm watch

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I would like to share with you a brief story of my Poljot alarm watch. Few years ago I fell in love with watches. I love the designs of them, hovewer I do not care about movements, materials, history or even brands. In 2018 a workmate of my father want to sell his Poljot watch. It was dirt cheap and I can’t miss this opportunity to buy my first vintage watch with a complication I have never seen before. This little 35mm Poljot watch with an alarm function is from the First Moscow Watch Factory. And its movement 2612.1 is beating since 1960s. There are two crowns on it; the crown at 4 is a normal crown to wind it or set the time. The crown at 2 is to wind the alarm and set when you want to wake up. It has a gold plated case, a plexi glass (which is restaurated with the help of Polywatch) and a patinated dial. Absolutely not a NOS piece, it has its own story. It was a gateway drog for me into the world of real watches. My collection had grown with a vintage, russian watch from the Soviet era when small gold watches were the trend.

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A really nice and amazing story! Thank you for sharing it with us! Beautiful movement!