Casio AE1200 – which one to choose?

I guess all the watch fanatics have heard about the popular World Time watches from Casio. Today, I’m going to write about the AE-1200 which is my favourite type of them.

Casio made a couple of watches with the world timer function and a little map for visualization. There are different colours, strap materials, case shapes and display layouts. It’s hard to choose one. Believe me, it’s really hard, that’s why I have two of them.

Making of the Royal latte (photo: @watchopsia)

One is the AE-1200WHD-1AVEF, steel colored with steel bracelet and the other one is the AE-1200WH-1AVEF, a black one with a black rubber strap. Why I can’t choose? They are so different and also affordable, in the words of Jack Forster from Hoodinke; one time zone is less than a dollar.

Wristcheck of the black version (photo: @watchopsia)

Both cases are square shaped, which is outstanding in the world with full of circular watches. It’s easy to spot them because of the little map on the screen. It is to display the time zone we are using at the moment.

Wristcheck of the steel version (photo:@watchopsia)

They have 5 alarms, timer and counter functions, moreover a fairly good background light; the illuminator type, not the one we can see (or not see) on the F-91W. They also have 10 year battery life, which is insane and they are great models for watch photography.

It is so photogenic (photo: @watchopsia)

That’s enough for the inner qualities, move on to the appearances. I got the black one first, and it was my workout watch for a few months. I slightly feel it on my wrist and easy to clean. Later, I got my hands on the steel version.

This one is photogenic too (photo: @watchopsia)

My first thought was; how can they look so different? My second thought was: they not only look different, but feel different. The metal bracelet is heavier, harder to clean. If you like to “feel” the watch on your wrist, the steel one is for you.

Can’t stop checking it (photo: @watchopsia)

I only have experiences with these two watch from the AE1200 line, but the list is not nearly full. There is a mix of this two: the steel colored case with rubber band. The one with rosegold case, full black with yellowish display and the military inspired AE-1200WHB-1BVEF which is on my wish list.

Let us know which is your favourite and why? Do you have one or consider buying?

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