Unique Timepieces Co. – A Real Unique Interview – Old Watches In New Coats

Interview with László from Unique Timepieces Co.

Please tell me a little about yourselves. Where do you come from, where do you live, what are you doing a single day, your hobbies?

Our business started at the beginning of last year, here in Győr and the love of watches has accompanied us for quite a few years now. They have always been impressed by their movement, operation and the beauty that old masters and today’s manufacturers have focused on in such a small space. According to our profession, we are fine mechanical technicians and this is the point where these two things meet. We and the watches.

Of course, we also have a civic job, which of course is essential for maintaining a family. Admittedly, more and more time is being spent on watches, so we’re trying to shift the focus to that. After work, the assembly follows. Sometimes we catch a day to deal with just that.

Living in Győr, a little further from the spin of the capital, perhaps a calmer environment is better for this.

As I know you are making watches with a 3D printer. Could you tell me a little more about it? (Where this idea come from etc.)

Yes. This is where the hobby and the civic profession meet. My colleague and I stuck our heads together and started to come up with ideas on what could be added to the fashion of antique and vintage watches, which is gaining more and more space nowadays. We tried to think through the possibilities and the possible solution was provided by an existing 3D printer.

At this point, we asked ourselves a couple of questions. What if we somehow combined the two? Could be personalized? What’s not currently, but should be? What’s there, but could it be a little different, perhaps more accessible to many? With this technology, of course, with compromises, but almost anything can be achieved. Initially, we made glass backs for old watches to show off the showy mechanical movements. Then it was only one step from here to get the old watches a whole new modern case.

WE GIVE  A FUTURE TOUCH TO YOUR OLD WATCHES.” Could you tell me some more about this quote I saw on your website?

As mentioned earlier, many old watches now live only on the drawer. This is mostly because the 50-60 year case are getting older, aesthetically no longer wearable or only to a limited extent. Furthermore, in terms of dimensions, they do not always meet today’s requirements.

We provide a solution for this with the alternative we offer, and even an old watch can be made personal and unique according to the requirements of the customer, which from then on will stand its ground completely in line with today’s trends.

What parts are you changing when you are refurbishing an old watch?

In the case of old watches, it is essential to carry out structural renovations or replace defective worn parts. In addition, the case of the watch is completely rebuilt from 3D printed parts. We match the structure to the case we designed and printed ourselves, which we always mount with a glass back, because sometimes its good to see your watch soul.

For others, watches that are in circulation are almost always offered this way. But there have already been examples too, that the dial is being made with this technology .

Are you making fully 3D-printed watches or just old ones in new “coats”?

We do not print the movement elements that affect the operation, only the case and in some cases the dial and the crown.

#Savetheoldwatches : I really like this hashtag. Are you making these so-called “hybrid” watches to prevent them (the vintage watches) from extinction?

Almost every “watch friend” has quite a few pieces in the drawer that they would love to wear on a daily basis, but due to their aesthetics, they are no longer suitable for this. Unfortunately, these watches are done as parts or are simply forgotten. But with some transformation, we can make it a part of our everyday lives again, as a mechanical watch with proper care is an eternal piece.

How much does a “Unique Timepiece” cost?

Compared to today’s conditions, I wouldn’t say it’s too expensive considering its guaranteed uniqueness. Depending on its complexity from 125 to 350 

euros. The price is essentially determined by the composition of the watch, here we think of the type of movement, the uniqueness of the case shape (here it can be unique not only because of the color, but also a unique inscription or graphics), the type of strap (fabric , leather, exotic, nato, possibly laser engraved) these are all influencing factors.

What do I or my readers have to do to get a watch from you as soon as possible?

Nothing special. After a simple contact via Facebook, Instagram or our website, we will discuss the details and the project can start.

Is it possible to order a custom watch? Which parts could you choose and what are the basics?

Of course, it is possible to adjust the watch to completely individual needs.

We help you get started in terms of the basics, but in terms of the final shape,

type of movement, color and small details, it is up to the customer what you want, which we try to fully achieve.

And what do you want for the future?

First and foremost, we want to put a lot of emphasis on improving technical things. Here we are thinking not only of aesthetics, but also of tools, materials and refinement quality in terms of functionality and reliability.

Like printed watches, there are solutions that are different from traditional metal watches. In addition, we want to create an online catalog in the near future that includes all of our standard timepieces, so can we make the details of the watches more accessible to everyone, and on the other hand, it can help those who are thinking of a more unique solution.

Furthermore, we would like to have our own series in the future, which does not consist of refurbished, redesigned watches, but a separate own brand.

Thank you for your interview!

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