Interview with Giorgia Mondani

Who are you, where do you come from?

My name is Giorgia, I am first of all a woman, a mother and a wife.

I am the founder of the world’s most reliable network of Trusted Watch Dealers: Mondani Web, co-author of the famous Mondani Books, creator of the Mondani Magazine.

I work on social medias 24/7 and through Instagram I built a real community of watch fellows who speak with me and follow us every day.

Tell me a bit about yourself, about your private life! 

The center of my world is my family. My kids Mia and Leo and my husband Daniele, but despite the two maternities. I never stopped working and I try to work from home as much as i can for staying with them.

I love traveling and I miss it so much… My passions are certainly enjoying good food and good wine, visiting new places in the world and I don’t have time now for any hobbies. 

When did watches first become important to you?

 After graduating in foreign languages at my hometown university, I went to Geneva for an internship at Antiquorum. It was there that my career in the watch business started. But I grew up surrounded by watches as my dad Guido Mondani is a long-time big collector. And together with my mom has been working in their publishing house specialised in prestigious books about watches.

Why and when did you start collecting watches?

My husband Daniele is a true watch nerd. I met him 10 years ago and after one year together we started our collection.

What was your first watch?

My dad gave me my first watch when I was 12 and I won my first tennis tournament. It was a ladies Rolex Oyster.

When did you become a watch expert?

I learn every day… expert is a big word and I like to think that I still have so many things to learn. I have been learning from the best: my dad, he is really an expert!

Could you tell me more about the “Mondani Web”?

When I joined Mondani Books, my initial goal was to grow my family business and make the brand known in every corner of the world. And thanks to a big network of contacts, a dedicated team to manage the online presence of the brand and great marketing analysis, which finally helped us in fetching what we aimed for.

However, I wanted to explore more and thus saw scope in helping collectors and dealers of these watches which ultimately led us to create the Mondani Web.

With a great response, we achieved 2 million followers on social media in no time. As an opportunity to utilise social media, we used all the available channels for promoting authentic dealers and saving the hassle of collectors and buyers to find the right place, endless variety and reasonable deals in a single place. 

Basically, the aim was to offer customers the right place to buy, and to dealers, the right place to sell through both the businesses. I am glad to work with a team of my trusted dealers who are constantly growing every day. We often receive requests, but it’s our policy to have a careful check about their reliability, seriousness and quality of their watches to build the team of best dealers.

What is the most important watch or watches in your collection and why?

The Rolex Day-Date 118238 with green dial that Daniele gave me as a gift during our wedding is certainly the one I love the  most.. as well as the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A that I gave him for the birth of Mia. 

How do you choose which watch to wear? Do you rotate your watches?

I like to match my outfit but now life during Covid is very different and most of the time I work from home and I don’t even have to dress up. 

How would you advise someone thinking about starting a watch collection to begin? What are your top tips for starting a watch collection?

The most important advice is: study before buying! Look for the best information (try the Mondani Books) and don’t trust everything you read online.

Thank you for your amazing interview Giorgia!

Check out her instagram and her website as well!

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