Christmas X Watches X Exam Period

First of all I want to wish you a merry Christmas! Hope you are all safe and you got a lot of watches as a Christmas present!

It is a hard period in our life. Christmas in 2020 is way more different then the previous ones. Lot of people without their family, alone or only with the closest ones just to be safe during Covid-19.

Yeah, that’s pretty hard and horrible as well. Not a usual Christmas for sure!

In these hard times we have to protect ourselves, our souls. That’s really important!

One way is focusing on our hobby: wristwatches!

I actually have an exam period now, and I also have to work at the ER, so focusing on wristwatches is a great idea. It relaxes me after a hard exam or a long night shift.

Just staring at the dial and thinking of how beautiful is it, listening to the movement, watching the great teamwork of the parts. How amazing is this!

It’s like traveling to another universe, traveling in time! Although I’m seeing the movement working, the time stops around me. A feeling I can’t explain. And I know you all feel like that.

Yeah, it’s always relaxes me.

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