The Orbit Chronograph From OSO Watch Co. – Review – The Story Behind – A New Microbrand

The New Orbit Mirage Chronograph from OSO Watch Co. – A New Microbrand!

I got this new watch a few weeks ago and I am testing it since then. I could say I fell in love with this Chrono!

OSO Watch Co. is a new microbrand company, after a successful Kickstarter campaign they released their first collection and it’s available now for everybody!

So first of all some details about the brand itself.

The word OSO derived from the Greek word όσο (óso), which means “as long as”. The logo forms the 3 letters O.S.O into a circle which kinda looks like a fingerprint.

This is what Nelson, the founder of OSO Watch Co. said about the brand name:

“To me, a watch is more than just a fashion statement or an accessory that tells time. It is to commemorate something; a moment that you want to freeze in time. I wanted OSO to be that. To commemorate a graduation, a wedding, anniversary, farewell and even death; and to remember that very moment “as long as” the sun and the moon exist.” 

How beautiful, isn’t it?

I really like brand names with a meaning behind them, it makes much more special!

Nelson always loved vintage watches, and he also collects them. He said: “Somehow the vintage aesthetic really stuck with me as I find that the design was timeless. That was why I started collecting vintage watches. However, I quickly came to realize that a fully functional vintage watch that is in mint condition is really hard to come by, or often times very expensive. This makes it impractical to have it as your daily watch. 

That’s where the idea of creating my own brand came about. I wanted to create a brand that brings forth the same quality and aesthetic that you get from a vintage watch without breaking the bank. But leverage on today’s modern technology and engineering to build a watch that can last a lifetime, and at the same time having that timeless look of a true vintage timepiece.“

The watch combines the old and the new, the vintage style with the modern features. If you look at the timepiece, you will immediately say it looks like a watch from the 70’s! Actually it wants too look like one and they made an excellent job with this design. 

The form of the case whispers you that this watch must be 50 years old!

The collection wears the “Orbit” name. The first thing that comes to my mind when I read this word is space. A new space watch? You are kinda right in that point!

Actually the watch has things in common with a space watch like the tachymeter and the chronograph.

The founder said: “ The Orbit collection, also our maiden release, seeks to pave the way much like how our forefathers first ventured into space. Unravelling a world of timelessness and infinite possibilities that are still being explored today.” 

I could say the Orbit name is combination and a metaphor as well. He salutes to our forefathers who were in space a long ago, the greatness of those people. They were pioneers in this world, like the Orbit collection, which is a pioneer of the new OSO Watch brand. It’s like poetry, just mesmerizing! I love it.

There are 6 variants in total. 100 pieces were made so far from each variant. So you won’t find a lot on the streets, you won’t bump into one every corner! 

There are 3 dial variants, Orbit Quasar, Orbit Abyss and Orbit Mirage. Each dial is available with gold and steel colored case.

Continue with the case. It’s a nicely finished, smooth 316L stainless steel case.The design or the form of it looks like a vintage one, especially with the angular parts.

It has a screw down case back with an amazing decoration. You can see a mountain, and above the mountain you could see the planets of the solar system with their different orbits. You can recognise every planet easily like Saturn or Jupiter, even our Earth with the Moon! That’s so awesome! Such an imaginative case back which is so tightly connected to the name of the watch. 

On the crown you can find the logo, and there are two buttons for the chronograph functions. The buttons looks like just as the classic vintage ones.

The case size is 40mm x 12mm, the lug to lug size is 46.5mm and the lug width is 20mm.

Pretty comfortable sizes, bigger than the original vintage watches, but not as big as the usual new watches. I like it.

It has a domed Sapphire Crystal glass with AR Coating. So it won’t get any scratches, which is an important thing for a daily watch!

The water resistance is 100M (10ATM) which is pretty good for a non diver chronograph watch. Or could I say a space watch?!

It has an enamel dial with Swiss Super-LumiNova C3. On the dial you can find the name of the brand and the logo on its usual place, below the 12 hour marker. There is a date window at six, and above it there is the name of the collection “Orbit” with a chronograph sign. There are two subdials and a tachymeter.

You’ll find a 60-minute totalizer at the nine position which works with the chronograph and a 24-hour hand at three. It’s practical because you will know if it’s AM or PM when you look at it.

There are 11 metal indices with Swiss Super-Luminova, the hour and the second hand has the same. The hands look like some ancient swords, definitely could say it’s a vintage design.

I have the Mirage one with gold case, the subdials are white. Gold with this deep tone green is a classic combination for sure!

Inside the watch works a Japan Seiko VK64 movement, which is a meca-quartz movement. I could say it is a hybrid movement which means a quartz movement with a mechanical one works together. It combines the accuracy of the quartz and the greatness of a mechanical movement. When you press the start button it feels like a real mechanical chrono, and you will hear the ticking of the chronograph hand as well. 

The watch came with a brown quick release leather strap and a bonus NATO strap with matching colors for the case and dial. On both straps you can find the logo of the brand.

I really like the packaging as well, dark green boxes, great style with elegance.

You can buy each Orbit Chronograph for $300 USD, and you can get $40 USD off of your first purchase by signing up for their newsletter on their website here.

All in all it is a fantastic watch, beautiful design, great movement and an even better price. 

What you get for 260 US dollars? A new limited micro brand watch which combines the vintage style with modern features, an amazing story behind it and it is a chronograph as well!

If you like vintage designs, watches that not everybody has, for this price you should go for it!

You can watch my review of the watch on my YouTube channel here.

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