I Won Two Casio Watches On Instagram!

Yeah, it finally happened to me! I bumped into a giveaway on instagram around a month ago. I never believed in actually these kinds of giveaways, but now I know some of them are legit.

The guy (Richard) gave away some Casio watches, there were 4 prizes I think, and for sure the first one was the biggest one. 

When I applied for the game I was thinking in my mind “why not?”. I could have luck once in my life.

I think you know these games, these kinds of giveaway on instagram. You have to like the post, follow the person, tag 3 friends and share the post in your  story.

These ways are the best for getting more reach and more followers on instagram. It is definitely a smart way, but it needs your wallet as well.

I was chilling at home and watching a movie in the TV when I got some notifications that said @watchesandsmiles mentioned me on his instagram story. I wasn’t thinking about anything special. I checked out the story and I realised that I won the first prize, I won two Casio watches!

That’s actually unbelievable for me, I don’t usually win anything like that, or I could say I don’t usually win anything at all.

Winning on an Instagram giveaway was my old desire.

I got the package really fast, the communication was great with Richard, he sent me the watches as soon as he could.

You can watch the unboxing video on my YouTube channel here.

The two watches are a classic Casio F-91W and a Casio AE1200WHD-1A aka “Casio Royale”. (Later I will make a review about them as well).)

Simple, cheap but also perfect watches at the same time. They have a well deserved place in the watch history! I like both of them!

These watches are absolutely required in every watch collection. Without these two, the collectors will feel some emptiness, I am 100% sure about it.

Actually I was planning to buy both of them in the near future, so I couldn’t tell you how happy I am.

I believe in destiny!

If you are seeing some giveaway on instagram or anywhere, don’t hesitate and apply for the game! Maybe you will win one day!

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